Aberfeldy Development Trust

committed to creating affordable and accessible housing for the local community.

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The Aberfeldy Development trust (ADT) is a community owned and led organization.

Committed to the economic, social, cultural and environmental prosperity of Aberfeldy. By tackling our most pressing issues, we can create a town where people and planet thrive for generations to come.

Everybody deserves a home. However at the moment, local communities are facing a housing crisis, and the reality of owning a home is getting harder to realize for so many.

ADT is creating housing that is...


Affordable housing supports a balance of income and age groups, and improves the prosperity of all places. 


Highly Sustainable

By creating environmentally and socially sound housing we can build a future-proof community for many years to come.


Inclusive & Accessible

Getting a safe place to live shouldn’t be hard. From nurses to cafe workers – every person that is rooted in the community should have access to housing when they need it most.


Who makes up ADT?


Our board of directors come from many different backgrounds, but they are united in the vision they have for housing in the local area.


Members play a crucial role in the ADT. They directly inform what we do and how we do it.


Our work wouldn’t be possible without our partnerships


If you want to influence what we do in the future,
or get involved in any way fill out the online form below or download this editable PDF and email back to us at aberfeldydevelopmenttrust@gmail.com


Current Housing Opportunity

Mid Market Rent, Fishers Way, Aberfeldy Communities Housing Trust (CHT) are acting as agents on behalf of Lomond Group for the marketing and allocation of…

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