About ADT

We are a development trust run by the community – for the community.

We have a local focus, and cover the area from after Kenmore to Ballinluig – however most of our initial efforts will be focused on in and around Aberfeldy.


Our board of directors come from many different backgrounds, but they are united in the vision they have for housing in the local area. 

Graham Forsyth
Adam Hobson
Carol Laing
Mary McDougall
Sally Murray
Gill Steele 


Members play a crucial role in the ADT. They directly inform what we do and how we do it. 

What do I have access to as a member?

You will have access to our local meetings, regular communications and an unparalleled opportunity to have your voice heard on the issues that are affecting you the most

How much does it cost to become a member?

Absolutely nothing – all memberships to ADT only require registration

Why do you need members anyway?

To put it plainly – the more members we have, the more impact we can have. With more people involved – we can hear and represent a more diverse range of needs. Furthermore the scale of our memberships helps us gain access to funding and can help us influence decisionmakers across the system. 

What are the benefits of membership?

Beyond creating positive change, you’ll be joining a network of like-minded passionate people, where you can learn, connect and grow.

I don’t want to become a member – how else can I help?

We understand! You can help by donating money, volunteering your time on a one of basis – or if you’re short on money and time – simply spreading the word of what we’re doing is always valuable.


If you want to influence what we do in the future,
or get involved in any way fill out the online form below or download this editable PDF and email back to us at aberfeldydevelopmenttrust@gmail.com

House sites

We are currently looking for potential housing sites to develop into housing.

If you know of a property, plot or area that could be of use please email contactus@aberfeldydt.org with the subject line: House Site. 


We can’t build a thriving community through individual action alone. If you have any skills and time you want to donate that can help us reach our goals we’d love to talk.


Our work wouldn’t be possible without our partnerships

SSER Community Funds
Perth & Kinross Council
Funded by SSE Renewables