Our Story

Aberfeldy is at the epicenter of the rural housing crisis.

Aberfeldy Development Trust launched in May 2022, with primary objective of supporting the creation of affordable and sustainable housing for the people of Aberfeldy and surrounding districts.

To address the housing crisis in the area, with workers having nowhere to stay and young people being outbid on property sales, one of the initial proposals of the Development Trust was to request Communities Housing Trust (CHT) to carry out a housing needs survey in the areas of community areas of Aberfeldy, Weem, Strathtay, Grandtully. Logierait and Ballinluig. To provide a snapshot of housing need, three surveys were commissioned: one for existing residents in the area, one for those looking to relocate to the area and one for local businesses.

Download the findings from the Aberfeldy & Surrounding Area Community Housing Needs Survey – July 2022 (1.15Mb PDF)

The Aberfeldy Development Trust is building
a better future for the local community.
Creating Housing that is...


Affordable housing supports a balance of income and age groups, and improves the prosperity of all places. 


Highly Sustainable

By creating environmentally and socially sound housing we can build a future-proof community for many years to come.


Inclusive & Accessible

Getting a safe place to live shouldn’t be hard. From nurses to cafe workers – every person that is rooted in the community should have access to housing when they need it most.


By doing this we will create a future where:

  • Older people can access housing that suits their needs
  • Younger people and first time buyers can get into the property market
  • We have an economically vibrant community
  • People can live near their place of work
  • We have sustainable social and economic growth in the community.
  • Lower income workers can access housing 

Our initial focus

Build and find existing housing where we can create impact.

However in the future we would like to explore all aspects of the system.

What we do and how we do it will be directly informed by the community.


If you want to influence what we do in the future,
or get involved in any way